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Frequently Asked Questions

Why sell on Sowdesi?

Since, E-commerce is more than necessary to improve your business, Sowdesi gives the opportunity to narrow down your competition as our prime motive is to integrate all the Indian made products and make it easily available to our customers.

Join us to find the right consumer of your product.

Who all can sell products on Sowdesi?

Any person or Business owner who has Indian made products and wants to sell online can sell on Sowdesi.

To start Selling you need to have following documents:
3. Bank Account and necessary KYC documents (Address Proof, Adhaar card, Driving License)

What should I do to start selling on Sowdesi?

1. First, register yourself with basic details at : Sowdesi
2. List your products under the suitable product category.
3. Once you receive the order, pack the product and keep it ready to dispatch. Our courier partner will pick up the product from you and deliver it to the customer.

When will I get payment of my order?

Once the product is delivered to the customer, Sowdesi will complete your payment within 7 to 14 days. The payment will be made directly to your registered bank account through NEFT.

Who decides the price of my products?

Sowdesi is just a marketplace. As a seller, you will set price of your products.

Do I have to bear any charges to list products on Sowdesi ?

No, you can list your products on Sowdesi absolutely free. Sowdesi will not charge anything for listing. Sowdesi charges the percentage commission only on sold product based on its category.

What are the charges I have to pay to Sowdesi on sold products?

You need to pay the following fees for your products sold through

  • Commission fee: A percentage of the order item value which varies based on categories.
  • Shipping fee: (Calculated on the basis of the product weight and shipping location).
  • Collection fee: This will vary based on order item value and customer payment mode. (Prepaid/ Cash On Delivery).
  • GST (on the sum of above fees).
  • TCS (Tax Collected at source 1% of order value).

  • Sowdesi Marketplace Pricing structure

    A Selling Price Including GST (A) 1000.00
    B Marketplace Commission(Depends on category) 150.00 15%
    C Courier Charges(Depends on Shipping Point and Weight) 50.00 50
    D Collection Fees(COD or Payment Gateway) 20.00 2%
    E GST (18% of the sum of B+C+D) 39.60 18%
    F TCS Values (1% of selling price) 10.00 1%
    G Settlement amount 730.40
How do I list my products on Sowdesi ?

It is important to list your product under the suitable category so that the customer can reach your products easily. Our support team will guide you in listing the products step-by-step.

You can get the support by calling 7349372333.

How should I pack my order?

You need to pack the products taking consideration of its size, sensitivity and special care if needed. Sowdesi will be providing the tapes printed with Sowdesi logo which needs to be wrapped on the package.

If your question is not listed here, ask us by emailing to [email protected]
Call on : 7349372333.

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