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About Us

We believe it is important for us to tell how we look at our customers before we start telling about us. We would like to see our customer as a part of our business and not as an outsider since a happy customer is our prime marketing entity.

With this, give us an opportunity to introduce ourselves…… is an e-commerce marketplace located in Bengaluru with sole purpose of providing a premier online retail portal for “All and only Indian Products”.

Vision: Give birth to a new breed of modern Swadeshi revolution by creating awareness of Indian products and their value in the consumer’s mindset.

Mission: To become an integrated E-commerce space for all Indian companies both organized and unorganized (Handicrafts/handlooms/SSIs) where they have an ardent customer base and great brand value.

India being the country of huge diversity in various factors like language, culture, heritage, geography, tribes, religion etc. and people of India settle themselves in a completely different area to fulfill their needs, dream, passion, job, etc. away from home.

Getting what you need always makes you happier than compromising with what is available.

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Sowdesi inspired by the idea of Swadeshi, with the aim to bring unique and signature indigenous products from every Indian state under a unique category ‘Diversity’ and cater you by providing your needs to door-step which are not easily available in the area where you live.

We strive to work directly with both regional artisans, local entrepreneurs and organized companies to provide our consumers the cost-effective and quality Indian products for all the daily needs of modern lifestyle to promote the usage of Indian made products among consumers.

We truly believe in creating a win-win situation for both of our customers and suppliers.

Come! join hands with us, Let’s celebrate Swadeshi!

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